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Greywater Recycling

What is Grey Water?
Any washwater that has been used in the home, except water from toilets, is called grey water. Dish, shower, sink, and laundry water comprise 50-80% of residential "waste" water. This may be reused for other purposes, especially landscape irrigation.

Why use Grey Water?

  • Lower fresh water use
  • Less strain on failing septic tank or treatment plant
  • Better treatment (topsoil is many times more effective than subsoil or treatment plant)
  • Less energy and chemical use
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Plant growth
  • Reclamation of otherwise wasted nutrients
  • Increased awareness of and sensitivity to natural cycles

Why a Matala Grey Water Reuse System?
Matala is a proven system used here in New Zealand and Australia, effictively cleaning grey water and disinfecting safely and at a minimal cost.

Matala Greywater Recycling

Step 1
When the Matala GWD valve is open, grey-water flows direct to the mains sewage.
Step 2
When the Matala GWD valve is closed, grey-water from the house is diverted to the inlet of the filter.
Step 3
The grey-water flows through the 1st filter web that retains major & medium particles such as hair lint paper detergent clogs and other
impurities. (The filter web: Matala Black - low density, Matala Green - medium density).
Step 4
The grey-water flows through the 2nd filter web that retains medium & small particles. (The filter web: Matala Green - medium density, Matala
Blue - high density).
Step 5
The grey-water flows through the 3rd filter web that retains small & minor particles. (The filter web: Matala Blue - high density, Matala Grey
- super high density).
Step 6
Filtered grey-water is pumped to the irrigation.
Features and Benefits:
  • State of the art progressive filtration.
  • 30 litres of Matala filter media provides 10 m2 of specific surface area & 90% void space.
  • Cross-Flow depth filtration: each filter web has a 3-dimensional structure, able to trap a high volume of impurities without plugging.
  • Multichamber plug flow concept: If the first filter web gets clogged the filtration is done by the 2nd and 3rd filter web. If the second web gets clogged, the filtration is done by the 3rd filter web.
  • Level detecting Submersible Pump.
  • The pump is protected from dry run, clogging and damage.
  • Built in overflow safety.
  • Easy to clean.
  • System can be installed either above ground, half-submerged in ground, or under ground in an enclosure with inspection cover.
  • Water mark approved
Matala Greywater Recycling

Matala Greywater Recycling

Matala Greywater Recycling

Unit tested in a Caravan Park, Australia
Matala Greywater Diverter checked after filtering 40,000L incoming greywater: public shower rooms and laundry.

The pictures prove the high filtration efficiency, achieved with progressive density Matala filter sheets. The filter can take up a huge volume of hair, lint, soap residues etc....

A Potential Water Reuse of 130,000 litres annually for an average family of four.
Residential Premise
(single household)
L/house/day L/person/day
Bath and shower 198 66
Washing Machine 140 47
Sub-total Greywater 338 113
Toilet 124 41
Taps (includes kitchen) 140 47
Total in-house 602 201